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***Barrel Table not included****

4 Buffet Chafers without sternos (Sternos additional) This setup was for cold sandwich meats/cheese and fruits on ice!!!)

4 Food Risers (2 Short Rectangle, 1 Short Square and 1 Tall Square)

3 Tier Round Tin Serving Stand

2 Tier Rectangle Tin Serving Stand

2 Cookie Jar or 2 Large Heritage Jars

2 Medium Heritage Jars

1 Smalll Heritage Jar

8 Custom Chalkboard Food Labels

8 Tongs

4 Greenery Strands

2 Rustic Lanterns with 6" LED Candles

1 Ikean Tin with Plant

1 Food Sign or Dessert Sign

1 Tin Utensil Caddy not shown in photo

1 Napkin Planter Box


Dessert/Food Display #9

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